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GAH HOT GUY CAME BACK XD damn it why are you so much older than me?!? And why am I so damn shy XD

Is it March 2011 yet?


The awkward phase...

Something to cheer everybody up :)

Wow it seems like all my buddies are going through some rough patches!!! I'm glad things are looking up for everyone though! My problems seem so miniscule now LOL. I'm no good at cheering people up DX So instead I bring you my wackiness. Remember the Vampire Knight Zero bedsheet I got???


And AFTER: (the reason why I haven't been online XD lol here is my new hug-size Zero!!!)

Yeah laugh at me LOL. I turned him into a boyfriend pillow, they don't give female anime fans enough love I tell ya. Or enough room to spread our otaku roots!!! D:

And don't mind me I'm just going to spam this all over twitter and FB (>.<)
Parents ditched me to go out to church with their friends tomorrow. It's Father's Day. I just wanted to see my parents. But it seems like they never want to be around me. As I always say, they missed out on my whole life, what's another 20 years of not spending time with me. I feel like shit now. It just reminds me of how they didn't even come to my high school graduation, saying something along the lines of business being more important. And how they never took me to choir performances in elementary school because all they cared about was work.

I never want children because I don't want to fuck up like they did with me.

The shoe motherload!!!

Thought I'd share the contents of my lucky pack I got from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It was their enchanted shoes set! You get one pair of Baby shoes/boots, and one pair of Alice and the Pirates shoes/boots. Boy did I get the the motherload!!! Feel free to give my blog some love if you have the time (http://kiwidoll.com/ , I have a video post anyway so if you're my friend you will SEE IT!!! I DEMAND YOU!!! LOL) otherwise you can share my happiness here!

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Back to the old drawing board...

So... some may know, some may not. And I need to vent my own frustrations out in some shape or form, since I don't have too many livejournal friends anyway, I feel like this is the perfect place.

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I only write when I'm depressed XD

....my best friend got engaged.

I don't really know what to think of it.

cut for more of my emotional stupidityCollapse )

Fruitful Weekend ^^

Saturday night I went to watch the Seattle Symphony play Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds. Nobuo Uematsu was there in the flesh!!! He was dressed in... grey and white shrine gear??? Lol and he had long hair and wore a blue and white bandana XD He is full of awesome. Looks like he may have gone to Pike Place Market too, because he wielded none other than.... a fish.... A rubber fish, but a fish nonetheless. In a concert hall XD Anyway the symphony was amazing. I forgot what song they opened with, but everytime they played a song from FF8 or 7 I teared up XD And they played the game sequences on the big screen, so watching 8's ending CG's with Laguna and Raine made me bawl XD It was a really amazing concert. And I'm sure the orchestra never had such a geeky, rambunctious crowd; we must have given them applause after EVERY song. And two standing ovations XD Near the end, Uematsu-san and Mr. Arnie Roth (the conductor) threw the fishes into the crowd XD Well, rather Uematsu-san threw one into the crowd, and Mr. Roth threw it behind him at one of the violinists LOLOLOL

I want to go again!!! I want to hear the music again. Grand band version of the chocobo theme XD Epic "Man with the Machine Gun" (I loved how they played his limit break sequence!!! And the Dollet battles for the battle theme!!!) and the Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 medley. I never played 6, 11, or 12, but now I want to. I just wish I had the time to play looooong RPG's again. I'm sure I can fit it into my life somehow though XD And Uematsu is returning for FF14!!! The games just aren't the same without his music!

And today we had the epic swap meet!!! I got a few awesome trades out of it too (thanks for the blouse and the skirt Aimee!!! I've been looking to get that blouse in white but black is equally as awesome too XD). And after seeing the Meta candy house skirt in person, I am KEEPING it. The elastic on the waist is AMAZING. Not like Baby's TIGHT TIGHT waistbands (who REALLY has a 24 inch waist anyway???). Which gave me this great idea for my pettis. I'm going to take out all the elastic and replace them with ribbon, so I can just tie it onto my waist. And not die from lack of hair XD And loosen the ribbon when I eat a lot O.o

So now I gotta pre-register for InnoSera, pay my cell phone bill and my camera bill, and I'm done with payments owed for the month. Hurrah! XD

Hurray XD

I just read on the Innocente Seraphim website that Ms. Cholong of Elfdoll and PasuLau of Doll Heart will be attending!! I'm so excited XD Now I just have to pre-register...

It's bad for my wallet because I love Elfdoll (that's why my first doll choice was Soah!) AND Dollheart has some of the most amazing clothes for dollies!!! I probably won't be able to buy anything (I don't even have room on my puny little credit card, huhuhu T.T) but at least I have a nice enough camera to take some awesome shots XD Now I need to make my purses into a DSLR camera suitable carrying case! Now how can I go about doing that with Josephine... (that's the name of my bunny bear bag, ahahaha)