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Ohhhh dilemna :(

So our landlady gave me an offer on the rent, since our lease is expiring at the end of February. There is a 5% increase, but other than that it's still pretty cheap (if I renew the lease it will be $893 a month instead of $850, plus a $250 renewal bonus for the first month XD). But I want Brent to move out, so I would be taking on paying for food, electric bill, and internet bill in addition to the rent and my phone bill. I asked her about studios, but they would actually cost more than what I will be paying for on the this current apt, my guess is because of the originally cheap deal I got on this place O.o

It's still a great deal... and if I moved out I would have to pay for new deposits, moving fees, etc. (pain in the ass) So I will most likely stay here... but I still worry if I can take on the extra bills, and still have leisure money XD And I wanted a smaller place like a studio so I wouldn't have to buy a couch >.< I was just going to use my bed as a couch too. Now I will have all this space O.o Space I don't know what to do with.

I suppose I will live. Sis says tough it out for a while, and if it becomes too hard to handle then post signs at Uwajimaya or something searching for a roommate lol. Rent out a place to sleep for like $500 >.<

Letting Brent stay longer is just NOT an option for me. I don't mean to be coldhearted but it's for the best for BOTH of us. I want to move on and he needs to as well. We are still friends though! In fact we've been getting along quite well recently. I've been keeping my anger in check, and we are able to converse more freely XD I think it's because I've been holing myself up in my room most of the time, to avoid conflict. It seems to work, and when we do watch TV or movies together it's not so bad. But I can't keep that up in my OWN apt forever.

I have till the end of the month to sign a new lease and take advantage of the somewhat cheap rent. *sigh* I know what I gotta do. I just wish my best friend was single so I could bug her to move to Washington XD Darn their Oklahoma house and her bf for hogging her D:


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Dec. 11th, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)

There are cheaper studios out there! And I'd volunteer to help you move stuff! Save moneysss

Dec. 11th, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)
I'm just worried by the time February/March rolls around there won't be any apartments left for me!! And I love having my washer and dryer in the apt lol there aren't a lot of places like that.

thanks though, if I decide to move out I will be asking for your help!!!
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Dec. 11th, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah I still have two months to look around, but only till the end of the month to take advantage of somewhat decent rent price in Seattle. And if I look now I don't know if the places I find will be available come February/March. And in downtown Seattle, places with washers and dryer IN the unit are sooooo hard to find. Most have coin operated laundry in the scary basements that scream RAPE. And annoying to buy quarters at the bank. And then there are new security deposits, which is usually as much as the rent sometimes... I didn't do a good job of saving money this year since SOMEBODY got to live rent free...

I too love my own privacy!!! I wouldn't mind having a friend as a roommate, but then again it's hard to get used to their living habits I would think. I need to find a dude who is out all the time and only needs a place to crash lol. This way I profit on some rent money and don't have to see them XD

Ahhh it sounds exciting though, even though you will have to share a place lol.

I want to do an apt makeover XD And so my search continues, I do want a smaller place so I don't have to buy as much XD ah what to do...
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Dec. 11th, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
LOL Man I hope everything does go well!!! XD i don't think I would stop bullying Buddy Cash lol XD or let him sit on my feet all day :3
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