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Yesterday's Swap meet was pretty awesome, though short (I sowwy Sara, next meet we go together we shall have dinner together!!!). I got about $260 out of it, and I only sold 3 things!

And of course what comes up must come down. *sigh*

Today I got the first speeding ticket in my 11 years of driving. I cried after it was over lol.

Then before that, on my lunch break, I go into the GAP to play wifey and get Yuki some new shirts. Somehow the cashier convinces me to sign up for a rewards card, and I don't realize that we are signing up for a credit card until after my lunch is over. As if asking for my SSN and adding an authorized user weren't red flags to me (said my coworkers). I'm so dumb.

Will probably go in for the mitigation hearing so I can at least get a lighter penalty for the speeding ticket. I can't afford my car insurance going up. But if I have to then only for one year.

Already called and canceled the credit card, I don't care if it dings my credit. I just can't handle even having another credit card, even though I know I'd never use it. 4 maxed out is too much.

I have been having a lot of uterine area pain as of late, and I'm blaming it on my IUD. I also bleed in between my periods, and I know that it's considered normal to spot between your periods on the IUD, but it's not that normal kind of "spotting." I don't even know how to explain it. The pain scares me more, because I'm not due for premenstrual cramps at least for a week. And my periods are usually regular.... but the pain has been about two-three months straight. It really sucks not to have insurance. I'm glad Sara told me about Planned Parenthood's Take Charge plan though, I'm going to schedule an appointment this week.