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Lolita decisions...

Not that I have been able to attend any events since I work retail and never gets weekends off, but... whatever!

I have a teeny tiny lolita wardrobe now. I can count all the pieces I still have left! Hahaha. I decided that they're never going to sell, and my AaTP boots are hard to find (especially in new pristine condition) and since I DID get them for a steal I should just keep them. Who cares if they make me taller than Yuki; it's not like I will ever force him to come with me to a meetup or something :V

Also keeping the AaTP pirate buckle skirt thingy, apparently I got fat enough to fit back into them with a petti underneath :V and the length is just right on my short stumpy legs! (they too, can look long if I'm wearing a shorter skirt!) From the cardigans I got through Baby's outlet page, I'm brewing up some sort of casual pirate lolita coordinate XD There's a girl somewhere on egl selling her AaTP eye patch, I need to get my hands on them! I want a mini tricorn! AHHHHHHH

My coordinate:

As for the other cardigan I got, I don't really know what to wear it with, I tried dressing up with some of my non-lolita dresses and well... no. I'm going to sell it or trade it, I dunno. They're both a little big on me anyhow, but I can justify keeping just one.

My sister asked me to watch Wasabi at the end of July through mid-August, and I asked Yuki (since he's owner of the condo haha) and he was actually pretty excited about it. Which is odd because he didn't really like her last time at my old apartment (because she just barks at him since he doesn't make the effort to make her love him every time he comes through the door lol). I'm lucky I guess, she reacts well to me and our mom, maybe we all smell alike or something. She never recognizes my dad since twice she met him, he smelled like cigarette smoke the first time and the second he had quit for a year. It will be nice to have a reason to walk outside (for the dog's happiness more so than mine). I will probably take her to Greenlake to walk around (GOD I hope I find good parking T.T)

Now I'm off to sketch out the panels/dialogue of the manga I plan to enter into Shonen Jump's manga contest. It's open to three countries, and the prize for most popular manga in each country gets 500,000 yen. So if you won popularity in ALL 3 countries, that's like 15 grand USD lol. I could finally pay off my credit cards and THEN SOME. Not like a lotto winning, but at this point anything would help. It's great to get serialized too, it's a great start for any comic artist. And action/fighting comics are my favorites ^^

My Aussie-Chinese buddy Davy is working hard on guitar tablature for the song we want to collaborate on. I'm really glad I decided to sing for leisure and not push it as a mass-market idol thing. I never wanted to be an "idol," just an awesome singer lol.

Life is good, I just gotta push it to new heights!!!