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Signed my life away lol

After much thought, I've decided to sign the new lease with the special offers, with Brent STILL as my roommate. We're both too poor to move, and as much as I want to move to Capitol Hill where all my buddies are, I just can't afford it by myself.

My sister told me a few weeks ago to just deal with Brent for another year, at least we'll both be able to save some money this time around. Or at least I will. It's up to Brent what he does with his money. Of course he agreed to pay more on the rent and now the additional parking. Utilities at some point will have to be put under our name the landlady said, but that's something we won't have to worry about for a while since paperwork on their end will be a headache. With that said it's still cheaper than finding a new place. Security deposits are as much as a month's rent, most places don't include the utilities (the ones like water/sewer/garbage).

At least I can still bus over (or walk) to the International District. I don't get my own comfy studio, but I'm definitely going to redecorate my room. And get it organized. And buy more furniture XD And get rid of that awful-hard-as-a-rock-Ikea couch.

Yay and with Brent actually paying me I will have more monies for my hobbies XD